4 Work Principles of CARI!

#Information management & technology
25 July 2022
Author : Comms CARI!
Editor : Intan Manikam Asmara

Work principles are moral values and a cornerstone of the mind that set a workplace standard for behavior and attitude. The work principles are important because they help teams design, develop, and maintain company cultures that help businesses grow. 

As a good company, CARI! establish four work principles that are employed in all works to produce high-quality outputs. It is also to shape a good work environment culture and ensure the teams understand the spirit of CARI! moreover, to understand what moral behavior we expect.


The First Principle: Not Reinventing The Wheel

To reinvent the wheel means wasting time working on creating something that someone else has already created or trying to solve a problem that has already been solved by someone else. The idea is that the wheel referred to in this idiom is an existing invention, so expending resources on a solved problem is a waste of effort.

CARI! prefers using the principle of not reinventing the wheel because knowledge changes quickly. We will miss out on creation, innovation, and discovery opportunities if we start from scratch.


The Second Principle: Scientifically and Conceptually Sound

The principle of science-based work invites CARI! teams to think logically and conceptually based on data and science. All innovations, movements, and cultures can not be separated from scientific principles, which are objective, rational, empirical, and not political.


The Third Principle: Co-creation

Co-creation is a multi-actor collaboration activity between various experts, roles, and disciplines to exchange knowledge and learning. Through the principle of co-creation, CARI! engages with multi-actors to collaboratively solve challenges facing disaster issues to foster new solutions, knowledge, competencies, and innovative ideas. 


The Fourth Principle: Pragmatically Implementable

The result of collaborative work based on science should be able to be used by any user according to the user's needs. Therefore, team CARI! has the principle that the implementable output is significant to do as a good practice of CARI!.