Monthly Gazette

Every month, CARI! sends a newsletter called the Monthly Gazette to consistently deliver our Indonesian Disaster Knowledge Update (IDKU) and share our activities in supporting various stakeholders in their journey towards resilience. We believe together we can create a better, resilient, and sustainable future.


Published Gazette
CARI! Bimonthly Gazette November - December 2023: Never-ending Journey in Building Resilience - Thank you 2023! Welcome to 2024!
CARI! Bimonthly Gazette September - October 2023: Taking Initiatives for Preserving Knowledge for Resilience Building in Indonesia and Beyond
CARI! Bimonthly Gazette July - August 2023: Advancing Representation, Participation, Partnership, and Coordination for Disaster Resilience
CARI! Bimonthly Gazette May-June 2023: Sacrifice, Lifestyle Adjustment, and Social Inclusion for Resilience Building
CARI! Bimonthly Gazette March-April 2023: Resilience Beyond Disasters, Accelerating Our Pace in Building a Sustainable Future
CARI! Bimonthly Gazette January-February 2023: Moving Forward Towards Sustainable Resilience in 2023 with CARI!
CARI! Monthly Gazette December 2022: Great to See You in Person & Create a Resilient World Together
CARI! Monthly Gazette November 2022: Disaster-resilient Indonesia through Knowledge-based Recovery
CARI! Monthly Gazette October 2022: Accelerate Resilience Development through Disaster Knowledge Management
CARI! Monthly Gazette September 2022: CARI!'s Efforts in Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia and Beyond