Testimonials for CARI!

CARI! has an excellent ability to combine technology and analytical tools in disaster-related data collection and analysis. CARI!'s sense of curiosity and eagerness to provide in-depth exploration on relevant issues enable a broader perspective on disaster management in Indonesia. We are delighted to work with CARI! over the years.

Ilman Muhammad Direktur Program Kelautan Indonesia Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN)

The method of technical assistance provided by CARI! to BNPB as a counterpart is one of the best. CARI! team facilitates the process in a participatory manner which allows partners to think critically and always be active even though the process requires more effort. The experts from CARI! able to synchronize the work pace of partners and provide accurate input on policy options formulated.

Willy Wicaksono Senior DRM Systems & Strategy Specialist The Investing in Human Capital for Disaster Management (INVEST-DM 2.0)

CARI! has supported BNPB's work, especially the Deputy for Systems and Strategy in developing systems with scientific justification, as well as supporting knowledge-based policy-making including the current process of developing a new resilience index.

Dr. Raditya Jati, S.Si, M.Si. Deputy for Systems and Strategy at the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB)

CAR!’s Disaster Knowledge Engine is like the second generation of Google Scholar search. It is very customized, lots of information, which is not only supply based but which is more on the demand based. It is a very innovative way of thinking; the science, technology, and the real application.

Professor Rajib Shaw The Winner of UN Sasakawa Award 2022

CAR!’s Disaster Knowledge Engine is what we’ve been waiting for. Now, public can access disaster-related information as well as research available in their area, so they can anticipate how to reduce the risk.

Syuhelmaidi Syukur Secretary, Board of Trustee Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Indonesia (A-PAD)