Indonesia Disaster Knowledge Update

This is a monthly update of disaster knowledge in Indonesia. Every month we bring specific issue. We believe that this document can speed up the understanding of the issues of disaster.

#29 Published IDKU

Indonesia Disaster Knowledge Special Series

Indonesia Disaster Tacit Knowledge series 2023
Indonesia Disaster Tacit Knowledge series 2021

Monthly Indonesia Disaster Knowledge Update

IDKU September 2023 - Coastal Adaptation Strategies in Indonesia
IDKU August 2023 - Humanitarian Cluster in Indonesia
IDKU July 2023 — Children and Youth Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia
IDKU June 2023 - Forecast-based Early Action
IDKU May 2023 - Disaster-related Indigenous and Local Knowledge in Indonesia
IDKU April 2023 - Disaster in Priority Tourism Destinations in Indonesia
IDKU March 2023 - Drought Hazard Research in Indonesia
IDKU February 2023 - Women's Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia
IDKU January 2023 - Disaster-related Research Publications in Indonesia of 2022 - A Year in Review
IDKU December 2022 - Tsunami in Indonesia
IDKU November 2022 - Tsunami Hazard Assessment Research in Indonesia
IDKU October 2022 - Disaster, Human Mobility, and Human Rights in Indonesia
IDKU September 2022 - Community-based Disaster Risk Management
IDKU August 2022 - Disability-inclusive Disaster Management
IDKU July 2022 - Disaster Education and Comprehensive School Safety
IDKU June 2022 - Disaster Knowledge Management in Indonesia
IDKU May 2022 - Disaster Risk Financing in Indonesia
IDKU April 2022 - Research Publications about Early Warning System in Indonesia
IDKU March 2022 - Coastal Disaster and Resilience in Indonesia
IDKU February 2022 - Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in Indonesia
IDKU January 2022 - Disaster-related Research Publication in Indonesia (January - December 2021)
IDKU December 2021 - Volcanoes Hazards in Indonesia
IDKU November 2021 - Earthquake Hazards in Indonesia
IDKU October 2021 - Flood Hazards in Indonesia
IDKU September 2021 - Climate Change and Its Related Hazards
IDKU August 2021 - Co-occurence of COVID-19 and natural hazards
IDKU July 2021 - Disaster-related Research in the First Half-year 2021
IDKU June 2021 - Disaster-related Research in Indonesia
IDKU June 2021 - Disaster-related Research in Indonesia (Page 2)