Comprehensive Multi-hazards Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (CMVRA) Guideline, and Training Manual

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CARI! supports the Social Welfare Development, Ministry of Labour, and Social Welfare (MoLSW) in Lao PDR in a project supported by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). This project has three objectives:

  1. Conduct a sub-national Comprehensive Multi-hazard Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (CMVRA) for Attapeu Province.
  2. Prepare a corresponding training manual and guideline on CMVRA, including a user guide on using disaster risk information for sectoral planning.
  3. Provide training for the National and Attapeu province Technical Committee.

These efforts are made with the belief that they will expand the understanding of risk at the sub-national level and build the resilience of Lao PDR.