Upgrading of the Indonesian Disaster History Portal

ICT System Integration

In 2020, CARI! and other partners developed the Indonesian Disaster History Portal (Portal Literasi Sejarah Bencana) for the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB).

The Indonesian Disaster History Portal is a site that collects and shows archives, artifacts, and primary historical sources of disaster events in Indonesia. It aims to build a collective memory of disasters crucial for resilience building. Through this portal, numerous documentation of disaster events in Indonesia and in any form of archive, from books, journals, articles, manuscripts, photos, and more, can be contributed by users and are available for public view.

In 2023, CARI! is appointed to upgrade the portal, by renewing the user interface and enhancing user experience, including to ease further the process for contributors to add new disaster history archives collection. CARI! will also facilitate the integration process with other sites, develop a tutorial for future contributors, and a strategic promotion plan.