Development of Conversion, Integration, and Dissemination of SPDAB Monitoring System

Premium Analytics ICT System Integration

CARI! has finished working on a project to conduct the development of conversion, integration, and dissemination of the SPDAB Monitoring System. Previously, CARI! in support of BNPB and SIAP SIAGA had completed the rapid nationwide assessment in 514 districts/cities using the MCR2030 Stage Assessment tool as a resilience measurement tool applicable and used globally and in 253 districts/cities using the SPDAB measuring tools producing baseline of resilience levels of those assessed districts/cities. The study also has demonstrated statistically the extent to which the SPDAB score of a district/city can be predicted using 15 answers to the MCR2030 stage assessment.

Through this project, CARI! is supporting the strengthening of the capacity of the planning, monitoring, and evaluation units across local government departments (OPDs) and ministries/agencies on their comprehension of SPDAB, the formulation of the Conversion System of SPDAB Assessment from and into values compatible to the assessment of related indicators (IKD-71 Indicators, ScoreCards, SPM, RIPB, DIRLI, etc.), and the development of a scheme for Integration of SPDAB-related Indicator Monitoring Systems from relevant ministries and agencies.