Nature-based Solutions Policy Assessment for Wakatobi and Sabu Raijua for Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara

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CARI!, as a trusted partner of Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nasional (YKAN), is currently supporting a nature-based solutions policy assessment in Wakatobi and Sabu Raijua. The objective of this initiative is to identify clear strengths and opportunities for further improvement in the design and implementation of law and policy frameworks for DRR, CCA, and Nbs by soliciting and incorporating stakeholder feedback.

In doing so, CARI! is implementing several items, which are: (1) reviewing existing climate change and DRR policies and the extent to which NbS have been included as adaptation solutions, (2) identifying strengths, gaps and commonalities in the legal and policy framework on DRR and CCA (with special focus on EbA/NbS) in target communities and formulate recommendations for improvement, (3) identifying, assessing, and mapping the roles, relationship and capacity of stakeholders in the planning and implementation of nature-based climate adaptation and DRR. Stakeholders include government, industry, and civil society at national, provincial, and district levels, (4) conducting stakeholder consultation at national, provincial, and district levels as necessary, (5) proposing modifications to existing policies and/or plans to include and strengthen the role of NbS as climate change adaptation option, (6) formulating recommendation of DRR and CCA options that can be inserted into village plans, (7) revising and finalizing the study based on the results of the discussions at the multi-stakeholder dialogue and YKAN, (8) presenting and discussing findings and recommendations at a multi-stakeholder dialogue, and (9) participating in regular or unplanned meetings with TNC, YKAN, and other relevant partners to update the progress of the work, discuss issues, and provide recommendations.