Science Leadership Collaborative

Human Capacity Building

The "Science Leadership Collaborative" fellowship program is further detailed and implemented by The Conversation Indonesia, CARI!, CommonThread, Fraendi, and RQ Genesis based on the scoping study developed by CARI!. The SLC was aimed to transform 30 high-potential science researchers into more effective leaders – champions who can shape the future of their respective fields of expertise, the ecosystems they operate in, and ultimately, Indonesian societies. It is a nine-month long program consisting of transformational leadership capacity building, where the participants will learn to innovate and engage their stakeholders, influence their field and communities, mobilize resources, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders to tackle complex problems.

Dr. Bisri and CARI! are responsible for the following components of SLC: 1) developing application guidelines according to the Scoping Study result and Leadership Circle approach, 2) managing the application and review process until SLC participants are selected, 3) performing the program-wide monitoring and evaluation of the other SLC implementing partners, 4) providing the module “Research Grant Strategizing, Writing, and Pitching”, and 5) developing the SLC Implementation and Evaluation report.