Development of City Enabling Environment (CEE) on Environment and Climate Change Governance for United Cities and Local Government - Asia Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC)

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UCLG ASPAC is collaborating with UNESCAP and GIZ Bangkok to conduct a study on the City Enabling Environment (CEE) Rating in Asia Pacific (Overall Criteria) and CEE Rating on Environment and Climate Change Governance (11th Criteria). This initiative aims to provide a rating for countries in the Asia Pacific based on the enabling institutional framework for the efficient discharge of assigned responsibilities by local governments to promote sustainable urban development. The assessment will enable countries to identify areas for institutional reforms, drawing lessons from the better-rated countries, to create a conducive environment for inclusive and sustainable urban development and inclusive gender-responsive governance.

For this initiative, CARI! is supporting UCLG ASPAC in developing a CEE Rating specific to Environment and Climate Change Governance (11th Criteria) and updating the CEE rating for the 2023 assessment, which will cover 30 countries across Asia and the Pacific and will involve Local Government Associations, Local Government Units, and related stakeholders.